Help for Hedgehogs this Winter

Colder weather will now be making one of the gardeners allies and most welcome visitors, a little sleepy and ready for bed.

Hedgehogs are a great addition to the garden and need looking after.

It is estimated their population has crashed by 30% since 2002 and is following the same rate of decline as the Tiger. It would be awful for UK wildlife if we lost this wonderful little animal.

At this time of year they need to have fed well or still be feeding, to build up their strength for the long hibernation through the winter, especially if they have been born later in the season. We can help in several ways;

Provide additional food and water ( NOT bread and milk, which they are not able to digest).
Offer a suitable habitat for hibernation or shelter. One that gives shelter and protects them from predators.
Remove barbed wire or chicken wire that may injure them.
Not use traditional slug pellets. If required use only iron based ones, which are harmless to hedgehogs. But not forgetting that hedgehogs are also very good predators of slugs!
Be careful when tidying up the garden, especially if using strimmers and having bonfires.

Here at Dragonfli, we are doing our bit by selecting habitats that are strong enough for winter shelter and give enough protection from predators. We also offer some highly nutritional foods, including dried beetle larvae for building up the hedgehogs reserves in the winter.

See what you can do to help hedgehogs in your garden this autumn.

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