Beepol Live Bumblebee Colony

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Enjoy Live Bumblebees In Your Garden

The Beepol Bumblebee Hive consists of a live colony of Bumblebees (Bombus terrestris audax) designed for use in your own garden. These bees are UK native and known as the Buff-tailed Bumblebee. Each colony includes:

  • A Queen bee
  • Around 50-60 worker bees
  • Bumblebee eggs
  • An internal liquid food supply (housed underneath the colony)

Bumblebees are fantastic pollinators and wonderful to observe at work in, and around, the garden.

How Do The Bees Work?

A simple trap door on the outside of the colony should be opened to release the bees. The worker bees will then orientate themselves as to where the colony is located in the garden. The workers will then start flying back and forth to the colony with their pollen loads to feed the young bee larvae inside.

The Perfect Product For Owners Of Our Timber Villas

This colony is designed specifically to fit inside our custom made Wooden Villas. This makes the colony ideal for customers who have purchased a villa (or a Queen beehive in previous seasons) and wish for a new colony of bees in the spring.

New customers of our Bee colonies may wish to consider one of our villas in order to provide the colony with the perfect shelter required for the Bees to thrive.

The exact hive box measurements are: W- 24cm / H - 19.5cm / D - 27cm

Once the easy to install Live Beepol Colony is delivered and installed in the villa, the enjoyment of watching a live Bumblebee colony in action in your garden can begin!

What Is The Life Cycle Of The Bumblebees?

We expect each hive to last between 2-3 months, which is the average life cycle of British Bumblebee colonies. The colony will not overwinter and the lifespan is often dictated by the environment, and therefore can vary depending on the weather and availability of pollen. 

The colony will produce new Queens that will proceed to create colonies of their own in your local environment in the subsequent years.

Once all activity has stopped inside the villa, the old colony can be removed and the villa stored. A new colony can then be ordered to use with the Beepol villa the following year.

How Do I Order?

Pre-orders can be taken at any time and the Bumblebees will be delivered when in season between May - July 2023. Delivery slots can be booked in advance when ordering. Beepol Colonies are delivered by courier and full instructions will be provided with the colony.

Use Our Wax Moth Killer Nematodes To Protect Bees From Wax Moth Infestations 

Should your colony be attacked by the natural pest, the Wax Moth, we strongly recommend that you purchase our Wax Moth Killer Nematodes which can be found here. These nematodes are deadly to the Wax Moth grubs but safe to the humans and wildlife. The nematodes enter the grubs via a natural opening, like the mouth, and feed on the contents of the grubs. A natural bacterium is produced by the nematodes inside the grubs, which kills it. Infected grubs will be completely broken down by the nematodes and will often turn brown. The nematodes also reproduce inside the grubs, releasing more nematodes into the surrounding area. Please only apply these nematodes when Wax Moth larvae are clearly visible.

*Please note that these colonies will not fit inside the 2015-16 edition lodge or cabin

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