Lacewing Larvae - Chrysoperla carnea


Chrysoperla carneais the latin name for the species of Lacewings used for biological control of aphids.The larvae of Lacewings are highly effective predators of aphids and greenfly. One Lacewing larvae can consume up to 200 aphids. Greenfly Killer using Lacewing larvae is supplied as 2nd instar larvae. The best way to use Lacewing larvae is to apply directly to aphid colonies. They can be poured from the shaker bottle directly onto the aphids.

The larvae are packed in a buckwheat husk carrier material with some food. This prevents them feeding on each other in transport. Lacewing larvae are easy to apply to low growing crops or plants wide leaves. If applying to high growing crops or plants, use applicator boxes. These little boxes can be filled with Lacewing larvae and carrier material directly from the applicator bottle. They are then hung on plants. The larvae will then emerge out of the applicator boxes onto the plants. Apply Lacewings only when temperatures are above 15.c and activity will increae with higher temperatures.

Apply at 10-30 per m2 or in high amounts onto heavily infested aphid areas of plants. Once the larvae develop into adults they do not feed on aphids, so repeat applications maybe required for new or large infestations of aphids.

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