Codling Moth Long life Pheromone Lures

Number of Lures

A highly attractive pheromone lure designed to attract codling moth into traps, hence reducing pest populations and protecting your fruit.

Codling moth can cause serious damage to fruit when the caterpillar grubs feed on the flesh inside the fruit (mainly apples). They begin to appear when fruit trees are about to bloom. This is the time to ensure your codling moth traps are active with a fresh pheromone lure inserted.

Each lure is designed to last an entire flying season, attracting the male moth into traps. This effectively reduces the number of eggs laid in a season and the overall population of codling moth going forward.

The lure comes in a foil sachet. Simply remove the lure from the packaging and replace within the cage at the top of the trap. If you are not planning to use the lure straight away, store in the fridge or freezer.