Codling Moth Killer Nematodes

Codling Moth Killer contains the nematode; Steinernema feltiae, which is used to control Codling moth larvae or "maggots" when they are not in the fruit. Codling moth larvae can attack Apples, Pears, Quinces and Walnuts and cause significant damage when they burrow into fruit causing tunnels inside the fruit and leaving their excrement behind. 

Apply Codling Moth Killer nematodes to infected trees and their soil base in April and mid-September to kill the Codling Moth larvae,  while they are on the lower branches and tree trunk. Also to the base of the tree in the soil. One pack treats up to 8 trees.

How to apply

  • Apply on a humid or wet day, avoiding applications in hot , bright , sunny days.
  • Empty  one sachet of 25 million Codling Moth Killer into 2.5 litres of water in a bucket and stir well
  • Add mixture to 8 litre knapsack or small sprayer and add another 5.5 litres of water
  • Apply and spray the Codling Moth Killer solution to the lower branches and trunk of the Tree [ up to 1.5m from the base] and up to one square metre around the base of the tree in the soil.
  • Apply with thorough coverage of the lower tree trunk and drench the soil at the base of the tree, applying approximately 1 litre of solution per tree
  • One pack of 25 Million Codling Moth Killer will treat up to 8 trees
  • Use entire pack contents at once
  • Un-opened packs can be fridge stored for short term storage but it is better to apply as soon as possible after receipt

One pack of Codling Moth Killer is enough to treat up to eight trees .