Garden Chafer Attractant Lures

Number of Lures

Our Garden Chafer trap catches adult garden chafer beetles [Phyllopertha horticola]. The trap uses an attractant lure to attract and catch adult beetles. Once the beetles fly to the trap they hit the plastic vanes on the top of the trap, which funnels them down into the trap, where they are unable to escape. This replacement lure and can last up to six weeks, covering the main flying season of the Garden Chafer beetle. The lure is supplied as a liquid in a plastic vial, this is inserted in the top of the trap and the top of the vial should be cut off.

The Garden Chafer trap alerts gardeners and lawn keepers that Chafer beetles are present and that egg laying will follow. These eggs will then develop into Chafer grubs, which will feed on grass roots. This causes damage and attracts wildlife to the grass. Birds and badgers will then rip up lawn areas looking for the Chafer grubs to eat. Garden Chafer traps do not catch all Chafer beetle species and is specific to the Garden Chafer beetle but this is the most common species.

Garden Chafer traps will help to reduce adult beetle egg laying and give a valuable warning that Chafers are present. Nematode treatments for controlling the Chafer grubs can then be applied in the late summer.