Garden Chafer Beetle Trap Including Attractant Lure

What are Garden Chafer Beetles?

Chafer Grubs are the larvae of Chafer Beetles. They are a common lawn pest in the UK and can cause significant damage primarily by eating the grass roots. This damage is soon multiplied as animals and birds will then dig up the grass in their quest to locate the grubs. 

How does our trap help?

Our Garden Chafer Beetle trap will catch adult Garden Chafer Beetles by attracting them into the trap using a powerful attractant lure. Once the beetles have flown into the trap they hit the plastic vanes and drop down into the trap, which they cannot escape from.

Chafer mating and egg laying will be reduced as a result, and future generations of Chafer grubs will be prevented from developing. The trap also provides a valuable warning as to when Chafers are present, which is critical for gardeners and lawn keepers wishing to protect their lawns from future damage resulting from Chafer egg laying. The trap can also be used to monitor the population levels of Chafer Beetle infestation.

How do I set up the lures in the traps?

The attractant lure supplied should be placed into the green cage provided with the black top facing upwards. This will release the attractant gradually over a number of weeks. See attached pictures for guidance. 

Full instructions on how to set up the trap are provided on delivery.

How long do the traps last?

The trap can be used for years and replacement lures can be purchased for additional coverage. The lures are designed to last an entire Chafer Beetle flying season (roughly 6 weeks).

Each trap comes with one attractant lure. Replacement lures can be purchased separately here.

Additional lures may be stored in a fridge or freezer.

When should I put my traps out?

Chafer Beetle traps should be hung from your trees with the lure from May onwards

Gain complete control over Chafer Beetles by also using our Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes

If Chafer Grubs do develop, nematodes can be used in combination with our traps to attack each stage of the life cycle. Our most effective treatment, Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes, can be found here. By utilising the nematode treatment, any grubs that manage to develop after use of the trap can be killed and the life cycle of the Chafer entirely terminated. Apply your nematode treatment in the late summer.

Please be aware that this trap does not attract the Welsh Chafer Beetle. Please feel free to email us a picture of your infestation so our expert can identify the pest if you are unsure which species has infested your lawn.