Box Tree Caterpillar / Box Tree Moth

What Are Box Tree Moths?

Box Tree Moths (Cydalima perspectalis) are a relatively new invasive species of moth that has arrived in the UK. They are now spreading quickly across the country. The moth is white with a brown surround on its wings. The caterpillars are green to yellow with a black head. Box Tree Moths are active from April to October. They overwinter as caterpillars inside the canopy of Box plants and Box hedges.

Box Tree Caterpillar Damage & Symptoms

Box Tree Caterpillars are often first observed when webbing is found over the Box plants. The caterpillars are very destructive and can kill Box plants and hedging. Hedges appear to have areas of die-back where the caterpillars have been feeding. If left untreated the caterpillars can completely kill Box plants and hedges.

How To Control Box Tree Caterpillars & Box Tree Moths

From April it is important to place out Box Tree Moth Pheromone Traps. These will provide advance warning of Box Tree Moth activity by attracting and catching male Box tree moths. The pheromone lures in these traps should be replaced every six weeks. Once caterpillars are observed they should be treated with Box Tree Caterpillar Killer Nematodes.