Box Tree Caterpillar Killer - Steinernema carpocapsae

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Box Tree Caterpillars have rapidly become a serious pest of Box plants and Box hedges  in many parts of the UK. The Box Tree caterpillars can develop in large numbers and in severe cases completely kill box plants.  The caterpillars will defoliate plants and leave skeleton like leaves with webbing being created when they reach high numbers, they will even bore into the bark of more mature Box plants. Box tree caterpillars are quite distinctive with black stripes and white dots on a green caterpillar. The first step in protecting your plants is to place out Box Tree Caterpillar moth traps to catch and monitor the male moths, once these are observed , it is likely that the Box tree caterpillars will follow a few weeks later.   Nematodes can be used as a biological control against caterpillars. The most effective species of nematode for caterpillar control is ; Steinernema carpocapsae, which is contained in Box Tree Caterpillar Killer.

  • Apply as soon as soon as small caterpillars are observed
  • Box Tree Caterpillar Killer should ideally be applied in the evenings to minimise the influence of UV light and to maximise moisture availability for the nematodes
  • Spray the plants from bottom to top, making sure the middle of the plant also gets wet, apply plenty of solution onto the foilage
  • Repeat every 10 days 2-3 times for severe applications
  • Box Tree Caterpillar packs can be stored in a fridge for up to six weeks but must be used all at once, when the pack is opened  .
  • Box Tree Caterpillar nematodes should be applied with  sprayers, including Knapsack or hand held sprayers , removing any filters in them .

Box Tree Moth Caterpillar contains 2 packs of 25 million nematodes, each 25 million pack treats up to 100 square metres. Apply directly onto the Caterpillars.

Box Tree plants can be aided to recover from Box Tree Moth attack with the application of Soil Boost granules. Soil Boost acts like an organic slow release fertiliser helping the Box put on new growth after plant stress and damage.

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