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As many of you will have seen or read this year, wasp populations have been at their ‘worst in recent years’ Dragonfli aim to offer solutions to such problems and offer advice on how to enjoy a wasp free garden this autumn.

Why are wasps a pest?
Have you ever heard people say that wasps do nothing positive, that they are simply a pest? This isn’t entirely true. While they do become a nuisance later in the year during spring and early summer wasps are one of natures friends. Workers collect caterpillars and other pest insects to feed their young and build their nests, as they go about this business they generally do not harass or attack humans without direct provocation.

Problems start when this work is done, normally from August onwards when their queens go into hibernation. Wasps develop a need for sugary substances as a food source and start to become a nuisance in gardens and public areas where people are eating and drinking. Due to the fermented fruit alcohol in this food source wasps essentially become drunk and more likely to sting!

As most of us know being stung is not a pleasant experience. This not only affects people relaxing but often those working, such as vineyard workers who find it difficult to pick grapes when high numbers of wasps are present.

What is the solution?
In severe cases the only solution is to find the wasps nests and destroy them. However there are other less intensive methods you can employ to ensure you have a peaceful autumn in your garden.

Dragonfli wasp traps, supplied with a unique powerful attractant that attracts wasps and flies into the trap. Once drawn inside wasps cannot escape. The unique properties of the attractant ensure these traps do not attract beneficial insects such as bees. The scent is irresistible to wasps and you will begin to catch large numbers within a few hours of placing the traps. These traps can also be reused for many years simply by using refill attractant.

Ideally place the traps slightly away from seating areas to draw wasps away from places you are eating or drinking. With two sizes of trap you can cover any size garden or infestation!

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