Whitefly Killer - Amblyseius andersoni


Whitefly Killer Andersoni is a preventative treatment for Glasshouse whitefly in greenhouses at lower temperatures and against a different species of whitefly; Brassica Whitefly, which ocurs mainy on outdoor plantings.

Amblyseius andersoni is a predatory mite that feeds on several pests including whitefly eggs. It is a native predator to the UK and can be used indoors and outdoors. This predatory mite is active in a wider range of temperatures than most predatory mites,  which makes it an ideal candidate for preventative control of whitefly in lower temperatures , when the parastic wasp ; Encarsia formosa is less active. It can also be used in conjunction with Encarsia. It can also feed on pollen, which helps it survive if there is no pest present, this makes it a good choice for introductions early in the season. Amblyseius andersoni will also feed spider mite eggs and adults.

For severe and high numbers of Glasshouse whitefly in warm conditions; Encarsia formosa parasitic wasps should always be introduced.


Whitefly Killer Andersoni is supplied in shaker bottles. These can either be poured over plants to be treated or poured into Dragonfli distribution and hung on larger plants. The predatory mites will then exit the boxes to move over the plants looking for food. If applying directly to plants , make sure good distribution of the mites is made over plants  that you want to protect from whitefly. Apply the product as soon as possible after receipt.

To maintain good populations early in the season, repeat applications every 2 weeks.