Vine Weevil Killer Gel Nematodes


Vine weevil larvae can be controlled with nematodes that infect and kill vine weevil larvae. Supplied as low temperature Steinernema species nematodes for spring and autumn application and Heterohabditis species for late summer.

Vine weevil is one of the most destructive gardens pests. Adults are nocturnal and can travel quite long distances. Once they have laid eggs, these quickly turn into vine weevil larvae, which feed on plant roots. The larvae are especially destructive and damaging to a wide range of plants. After infection by nematodes the larvae turn dark brown and disintegrate. In cooler conditions in the spring and late autumn; Vine Weevil Killer contains a nematode that is active at lower soil or compost temperatures and then in the summer months it is supplied with a nematode suited to higher temperatures.  

These tiny microscopic nematodes are watered into pots and containers. They can also be used on raised beds, flower beds and borders. Vine weevil larvae are normally present in gardens in the spring and late summer. Dragonfli now supplies its larger packs of Vine Weevil Killer in a new gel formulation that increases the shelf life of the nematodes and we can provide programmes of Vine Weevil Killer introductions that help you apply the nematodes at the time of year they are most likely to be effective.  

Vine weevil killer nematodes can be applied with a watering can or knapsack sprayer. For the best results ensure the compost/soil is moist prior to application and for some days afterwards. This will help the nematodes enter the compost to search and find the Vine weevil larvae. Avoid applying in bright conditions due to the nematodes being UV sensitive. Apply the nematodes as soon as possible after receipt or store in a fridge unopened until use by date.

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