Viburnum Beetle Killer

Virburnum Beetle Killer contains nematodes to treat and control Viburnum beetle larvae. It is the larvae of Viburnum Beetles that does most of the damage to Viburnum plants, by controlling this part of the life cycle, protection can be offered to Viburnum plants.

The larvae are normally active and present between April-June. This is the period to apply Viburnum Killer nematodes, which should be sprayed directly  onto the Viburnum beetle larvae.

How to apply

  • Ensure Viburnum beetle larvae are present on the plant prior to application
  • Choose an overcast or damp day. Nematodes need humidity and moisture to be active on the plant and are UV sensitive, so avoid application on bright days. In drier weather conditions apply in the morning or evening
  • Open and empty the sachet of nematodes into a bucket and mix with 2.5 litres of water, stir thoroughly
  • Empty contents into sprayer and add another 2.5 litres of water to make 8 litres of nematode solution. 8 litres can treat up to 35 square metres
  • Apply directly onto the Viburnum Beetle larvae ensuring good coverage of the larvae
  • Use all the nematode solution in one application
  • Un-opened nematode sachets should be fridge stored 
  • Severe infestations should be treated twice with an interval of 7 days
  • One 25 Million sachet of Viburnum Killer nematodes will treat an area from 16-35 square metres, depending on plant size and density