Thrip Killer Mites - Amblyseius cucumeris

Thrip Killer contains the predatory mite; Amblyseius cucumeris / Neoseiulus cucumeris. These predatory mites feed on thrip larvae and their eggs. They feed mainly on the small or first instar larvae of Western Flower thrip (Frankiniella occidentalis). They are not able to eat the larger larvae or adults, although they will also feed on spider mites. It is important to have the predatory mites at the times when thrips maybe present. Thrip Killer sachets release predatory mites over a period of weeks this helps maintain a level of Amblyseius cucumeris on plants helping them to eat the smaller larvae and break their life cycle causing their population to crash. The optimum temperature for Thrip Killer predatory mites is from 14-30c. There is some activity at temperatures down to 8.c but very eggs survive at these temperatures. Thrip Killer predators also prefer higher humidity, at low humidity their egg laying is reduced. Their reproduction is not curtailed by shorter days, so can be used in winter months subject to high enough temperatures.


Target: Various thrips species. Hatching eggs and the first larval stage. Predatory mites also eat spider mites (f.e. strawberry mite, broad mite), several other mites, honeydew and pollen.