Pea Moth Trap Kit

Pea Moth Trap Kit

The Pea Moth Trap kit is the option that growers and farmers should choose to monitor Pea Moth [ Cydia Nigricana ]. The pheromone traps provided with the kit are called castellation traps. These traps have the advantage that they can be re-used for several years to catch male Pea Moths once re-stocked with new pheromone lures. The pheromone lure is removed from its foil bag and placed inside a small cage in the lid of the trap. The moths are then attracted to the trap and fly through openings around the circumference of the trap. They are then funneled into the trap below. Sticky card inserts are placed inside the trap to further catch the moths and provide a system of counting moth catches on the sticky card that can be removed from the trap.

The Pea Moth Trap consists of;

  • 2 Castellation pheromone traps
  • 2 Pea Moth Pheromone lures
  • 10  circular sticky trap inserts 

A pheromone trap should be placed in the Pea crop  field  and hung level with the top of the crop and raised as it grows to stay level with the top of the crop. The sticky card inserts should be removed and counted for moth catches on a regular basis to determine the Pea Moth population levels.

If 20 moths are caught on two occasions , action should be taken with crop spraying, for more detailed advice on this seek advice from PGRO or visit their website;

For large cropping areas over 50 Ha, multiple trap sites maybe required.