Mite Booster Dispenser Tubes


Mite Booster Dispenser tubes provide a useful tool for applying predatory mites to areas that can be difficult to reach with sprinkler bottles or tubs of predatory mites. Mite Booster dispenser tubes are of particular value to the application of TAURRUS predatory mites for snake mite control and for chicken mite control when applying ANDROLIS to chicken coops and avaries.

How to use

 - Mite Booster Dispenser tubes are supplied empty of predatory mites. The carrier material from either TAURRUS or ANDROLIS is poured into the Dispenser tube and the lid is shut.

- The Mite Booster Dispenser tube is then tied to the area where the predators need to be. The predators will then exit the tube through the small hole in the end.