Mealybug Predator Larvae - Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Mealybug Killer consists of Cryptolaemus montrouzierilarvae. These larvae are natural predators of Mealybugs. Each larvae can consume high numbers of Mealybug. The larvae then go onto to develop into adult ladybird beetles that will also feed on Mealybugs. Mealybugs cause damage by by sap sucking . They also produce honeydew, which sooty moulds can grow on . Plant growth can be stunted and leaves distorted. Their main characteristic is the white waxy material that covers them. Mealybug Killer provides;
  • Natural pest control of Mealybugs without the use of insecticides
  • Safe to the applicator, the plant and the environment
  • Each larva can consume up to 30 mealybugs
Mealybug Killer 10 larvae should only be introduced when temperatures are above 18.c . The best conditions for the larvae are between 22-25.c. They should only be used on indoor crops and plants. If there are very high numbers of mealybugs present, it can be  a good idea to spray first with a physical action natural pesticide like Bug Free Natural fatty acid bug gun or SB Plant invigorator. These products  will help to weaken and kill the Mealybugs but will not leave any harmful residues for the predators. The larvae are supplied in a small container, the larvae should be gently brushed onto the plant, as close as possible to the mealybug infestation. Do not use insecticides after they are applied.