Leaf Miner Parasite - Diglyphus isaea

Leaf Miner Killer contains the tiny ecotoparasitic wasp;Diglyphus isaea.Leafminers tunnel into the leaves of plants forming “mines”, these can be dis-figuring for ornamental plants and damaging for some vegetable and salad plants such as tomatoes, where loss of leaves can cause a loss of yield. Damage from leaf miners to seedlings and young plants can be fatal.

Diglyphus isaeawill parasitize the larva of the Leaf miner and is effective against allLiriomyzaspecies includingtrifoliiandhuidobrensis.They will also parasitize the chrysanthemum leafminer;Phytomyza syngenesiae.

Leaf Miner Killer stops the leaf mines developing by feeding on the larvae in the mines and killing them, this is often known as “host feeding”. The femaleDiglyphusparalyze the leafminer larvae and tend to parasitize the older larvae. The developed parasitic wasp once grown emerges from a round hole in the leaf. 

  • Diglyphusrequires a minimum temperature of 15.c and ceases to be active in low light conditions.
  • Leafminer Killer is supplied in a vial of 250Diglyphus isaea
  • Only for use indoors and glasshouses 
  • Introduce when infected plants observed
  • Store in dark but try to release as soon as possible after receipt