Leaf Miner Parasitic Wasp - Diglyphus isaea

What are Leaf Miners and how do I identify them?

There are many different species of Leaf Miner, some of which are harmful to plants. The Leaf Miners are capable of disfiguring ornamental plants and damaging vegetable and salad plants such as tomatoes. As the Leaf Miners damage more leaves of such vegetables, there can be a great loss of yield. 

What are Diglyphus isaea predators and how can they help?

This Leaf Miner parasite is a tiny ectoparasitic wasp called the Diglyphus isaea. These wasps prevent the Leaf Miners developing by feeding on the larvae in their mines and killing them with a method known as 'host feeding'. The female Diglyphus isaeawill paralyse the Leaf Miner larvae, tending to primarily parasitise the older larvae. The female  Diglyphus isaea will lay its eggs inside the paralysed Leaf Miner larvae whereby a newly hatched wasp will emerge from inside the parasitised Leaf Miner larvae and eat its way out of the corpse. Once the developed parasitic wasp is fully grown it will emerge from a round hole in the leaf. 

The Diglyphus isaea are specialist parasitic wasps of the:

  • All Liriomyza Leaf Miner species: including the Trifolii and Huidobrensis
  • The Chrysanthemum Leaf Miner (Phytomyza syngenesiae)

What conditions do the Diglyphus isea wasps require?

The Diglyphus isea require a minimum temperature of 15℃ and will cease to be active in low light conditions.

Where should I use Diglyphus isea wasps?

The Diglyphus isea are only effective if introduced indoors and in environments such as glasshouses.

When should I use Diglyphus isea wasps?

The Diglyphus isea should be introduced as soon as Leaf Miner infections have been observed on plants.

How many Diglyphus isea wasps do I need?

The Diglyphus isea are suppled in vials of 500. One vial will treat an average small glasshouse.

How do I apply my Diglyphus isea wasps?

Pour the contents of the vial at the base of plants, on dry material. The wasps will emerge within a few days, fly up from below, and seek out the Leaf Miners. 

Full instructions will be provided on delivery.

Chemical Pesticides

Diglyphus isaea is a living creature and can be affected by any chemical pesticides used within the previous few weeks. As a general guide, refrain from using Pyrethrum or SB Plant Invigorator 2 days prior to use. Other chemicals insecticides can have long lasting residues that could harm Diglyphus isaea and other parasites for much longer periods. Refrain from using these products or check with Dragonfli for information on the effect of these products on our predators.