House Plant Boost - 100ml Concentrate

Boost the health of your house plants and increase resistance to stress and disease

House Plant Boost is a liquid organic fertiliser formulated specifically for house plants. The boost is made from plant extracts and supplied in a 100ml concentrate, easy-to-use dosing bottle.

House Plant Boost will ensure your plants benefit from:

  • Stimulated plant growth
  • Increased plant resistance to stress and disease
  • Improved overall plant health

Apply House Plant Boost to a wide variety of house plants

House Plant Boost can be applied to a wide variety of house plants on a regular basis. Apply on a 2 week basis and gradually witness the improved health and strength of your house plants.

How do I apply House Plant Boost?

House Plant Boost is supplied as liquid concentrate in an easy-to-use dosing bottle which helps measure the correct amount of concentrate to dilute with water.

Apply House Plant Boost by following these application instructions:

1. Add 10ml of concentrate to 1 litre of water.

2. The boost can be applied as a drench to house plant compost, or applied as a foliar spray. 

3. Rinse watering can, or hand sprayer, with water after use.

- If applying as a drench: mix with water in a watering can and stir well

- If applying as a foliar spray: add to a hand sprayer, mix with water and shake before use. See our available House Plant Mister / Trigger Sprayers for optimum spray application. Please ensure if you are making up a solution for spraying the boost that the solution is applied within 7 days of mixing. If the ready made solution is left in the sprayer for long periods it can give off an unpleasant smell.

When should I use House Plant Boost?

House Plant Boost can be used indoors all year round. Apply to your plants every 2 weeks.

What is House Plant Boost made up of?

House Plant Boost is a compound organic fertiliser [NPK 3-1-1] that is made from yeast extracts, herb extracts and humic acids. 

Can I store House Plant Boost?

House Plant Boost can be stored (frost-free) for up to one year.