Gooseberry Sawfly Killer Nematodes

What are Gooseberry Sawflies?

Gooseberry Sawfly will lay eggs that develop into larvae and it is these Gooseberry Sawfly larvae that cause most damage to Gooseberry plants. There are three common species of Gooseberry Sawfly larvae that can attack Gooseberry bushes, and such larvae will also attack Red and White Currants. The larvae will shred and defoliate leaves, and are capable of leaving severe damage if left untreated. The larvae look similar to caterpillars in size and shape, and are of green colouring with black dots. 

What are Gooseberry Sawfly Killer Nematodes and how can they help?

Gooseberry Sawfly larvae can be controlled naturally and safely with Gooseberry Sawfly Killer nematodes, which are deadly to the Sawfly larvae but safe to humans and wildlife. Gooseberry Sawfly Killer contains Steinernema carpocapsae nematodes. These nematodes enter the larvae via a natural opening, like the mouth, and feed on the contents of the larvae. A natural bacterium is produced by the nematodes inside the larvae, which kills it. Infected larvae will be completely broken down by the nematodes. The nematodes also reproduce inside the larvae, releasing more nematodes into the surrounding area. 

When should I apply my nematodes?

Apply your Gooseberry Sawfly Killer Nematodes when damage to plants is observed or as soon as Gooseberry Sawfly have been observed. The optimum period to apply is from April to October.

How many nematodes do I need?

One pack will treat an area up to 35m2 or multiple Gooseberry bushes.

What conditions do the nematodes require?

Choose a humid or wet day to apply your Gooseberry Sawfly Killer Nematodes. Nematodes are UV-sensitive and will not survive long when exposed to bright, sunny conditions. Apply the nematodes early in the morning or early in the evening in order to utilise the optimum humidity levels. Avoid application in frosty conditions.

How do I apply my nematodes?

1. First open and empty the contents of your 25 million sachet of nematodes into a bucket or container of 2.5 litres of water and mix thoroughly.

2. Next, fill your sprayer (hand held sprayers should suffice, with filters removed, or use our  Nema Super Sprayer or 8/15 Litre Pump Action Sprayers for optimum nematode application) with the mixed 2.5 litres of nematode concentrate and add another 5.5 litres of water so you are left with 8 litres of nematode solution.

3. Finally, spray your plants and ensure plenty of the spray solution is applied and directed where possible directly onto the Gooseberry Sawfly larvae.

Repeat applications may be required for severe applications.
Full instructions are provided on delivery. 

Can I store my nematodes?

You can store unopened nematode packs in a fridge but it is best to ensure you apply your nematodes as soon as possible for the best results.

Gooseberry Sawfly Killer Nematodes are harmless to humans, and safe to apply to edible plants.