Cutworm Killer


Cutworm Killer contains nematodes that will control and kill harmful soil dwelling caterpillars such as Cutworms. These are often the caterpillar stage of the Turnip moth. 

Cutworms often feed at night on the surface and will damage a wide variety of vegetables, root vegetables and salad plants. They will also feed on the roots of seedlings and cause young plants to collapse where they have been feeding. Cutworm Killer nematodes are applied as a soil drench to kill the caterpillars in the soil. 

When to apply Cutworm Killer nematodes

Cutworm caterpillars can be found from the spring through to the autumn. Apply the nematodes when damage is observed on plant stems or Cutworms are when are found in the soil, they are normally quite close to the soil surface. Soil temperatures should be above 10.c for the nematodes to be active, if applying in the spring.

How to apply Cutworm Killer nematodes

  • Empty the nematode sachet contents into a bucket of 2.5 litres of tepid water and mix thoroughly
  • Dilute cocentrate further with water and apply to the soil either with a watering can, hose end sprayer or knapsack sprayer. 
  • Follow water dilution instructions for which ever method of application is selected
  • Apply on a dull or wet day ensuring the soil is moist at time of application
  • Ensure the soil does not dry out in the week after application, as this will restrict the movement and effectiveness of the nematodes
  • Repeat the application in the summer, if applying in the spring


  • Cutworm Killer nematodes can be stored in a fridge for 2-4 weeks , if the pack is un-opened. Once opened all the nematodes should be applied at once. It is best practice to apply the nematodes soon after receipt.

 Pack sizes

There are two unit sizes available for Cutworm Killer, one to treat 100 square metres and the other to treat 50 square metres.