Caterpillar Killer Nematodes

Caterpillar Killer contains nematodes for the biological control of caterpillars.

Caterpillars develop from the eggs of moths and butterflies, some of them can cause significant damage to plants. Cabbage white caterpillars can cause extensive damage to plants like brassicas and nasturtiums. Other Caterpillars produced from moths such as Silver Y moths and Diamond Back Moths  can also cause signifacant plant and crop damage. Caterpillar Killer nematodes can be used to control these caterpillars  by applying them directly onto the caterpillars. Nematodes are sensitive to sunlight and need to find and penetrate the caterpillars within a few hours of application. For this reason it is important not to apply in bright sunny conditions. They also need moisture and should be applied with plenty of water. Once the nematodes come into contact with the caterpillars, they enter them releasing a bacteria that kills the caterpillars. Infected caterpillars die within a few days turning yellow to light brown and become slimy.

When high numbers of caterpillars are present repeat applications of nematodes may be required.

One pack of Caterpillar Killer contains two packs of 25 million nematodes , each pack treats an area of up to 50 square metres giving a total area covered with both packs of 100 square metres. Only apply when caterpillars are present and ensure the nematodes are applied directly onto the caterpillars. Caterpillar nematodes should be applied with a knapsack or small sprayer to get adequate coverage on the leaves.

Apply with NemAssist leaf for best results, this is a natural additive that can be added to the diluted nematode solution . It will help the nematodes survive longer on the leaf surface and help their distribution on leaf surfaces.

Caterpillar Killer provides a safe, natural solution for caterpillars on edible and non-edible plants.