Carnation Tortrix Moth Trap

Carnation Totrix Moth Description & Life Cycle

The Carnation Tortrix Moth is a small moth with a wingspan of 15-25mm. The wings are folded horizontally over the body and are brown with orange hindwings. The caterpillars are pale green with brown heads and can grow up to 20mm in length. Each female can lay up to 700 eggs. These are laid in batches on the upper surfaces of leaves. The moth can have several generations a year and can continue at any time in the year if growing in heated glass.

Damage Symptoms

If disturbed the caterpillars wriggle and move backwards, they can also drop from leaves on silken webs. The young caterpillars feed on the upper surface of leaves making holes and turning leaves brown, as they get larger the leaf is wrapped around the body of the caterpillar. The larvae or caterpillars hide in the rolled leaf. Carnation Tortrix will attack a wide range of herbaceous plants and shrubs.

Carnation Tortrix Moth Traps

Dragonfli provides a Carnation Tortrix moth pheromone trap, which incorporates a specific lure for male Carnation Tortrix moth. The castellation trap is easy to use and provides an early warning of Carnation Tortrix moth activity. The male moths are attracted by the pheromone lure and fly inside the trap through the holes on the side, they then drop down into the trap. The trap is also supplied with a small piece of sticky card that is placed in the bottom of the trap to help retain the moths in the trap. The more male moths that are caught, the less there are available for mating with females. This can help reduce Carnation moth egg laying. 

  • The Carnation Tortrix moth trap provides an early warning and monitoring system for Carnation moth activity
  • For external use the trap should be placed outside from May onwards. For use indoors the trap can be in use all year round
  • The pheromone lures supplied with the trap last 6-8 weeks each. 
  • Catches only male Carnation Tortrix Moths
  • Safe to the environment and no threat to small birds
  • Helps disrupt Carnation Moth life cycle
  • Trap can be re-used each year when new pheromone lure added
  • Carnation Tortrix Moth trap supplied as trap, 2 x lures, small sticky pad for inserting in bottom of trap and instructions