Calcium Boost - Liquid Calcium Fertilizer


Calcium Boost is a liquid calcium that provides a multifunctional boost for plants and helps them sustain less damage from pests.

Calcium Boost helps reduce several plant disorders including Blossom End Rot, Bitter Pit and Tip burn. It corrects calcium deficiencies in plants by increasing and maintaining calcium levels during periods of stress for plants. Its unique formulation as a solution enables calcium to be absorbed mores easily across leaves. Applied as a foliar application to the plants it also does not leave calcium deposits on fruit or flowers. For Apples it improves fruit quality and reduces bitter pit and in tomatoes reduces blossom end rot. Regular applications to strawberries will also improve fruit quality. Calcium Boost benefits many other different plants including; Raspberries, Blackberries, Cherries, Pears, Lettuce, Potatoes and Ornamental plants.

Calcium Boost also helps plants sustain less damage from various pests. Early and regular application of Calcium Boost to plants has shown reduced damage from Lily Beetles, Cabbage White caterpillars and even rabbits.

Supplied as a concentrate, requires dilution with water. Shake well after mixing.

Available in 500 mil or 1 litre units.

Application rate:  50 mil to 10 litres of water or 500 mil to 100 litres of water

Apply as a foliar spray:  fill sprayer with half amount if water and add concentrate and then add remaining solution. Agitate and stir well.

Apply during times of plant stress or as routine spray every 7-14 days during fruiting.

 Nutrient content:

Calcium Oxide CaO 14%

Water 86%

PH 4

Calcium Boost is a filtered water extract of Calcium carbonate