Broad Mite Killer - Amblyseius andersoni


Broad Mite [ Polyphagotarsonemus latus ] can be a harmful plant pest causing damage symptoms similar in appearance to plant viruses causing distortion on plants. Young plants , leaves and flower buds are often attacked first with leaves and stems often going brown. The Broad mites are very small and pale in colour.

Broad Mite Killer contains the predatory mite [ Amblyseius andersoni ]. This predatory mite will feed on Broad Mite and other pests such as spider mite and Cyclamen mite. Broad Mite Killer is supplied in shaker bottles of predators in a carrier material. The largest unit contains 25,000 predators.


Apply by shaking out contents over leaves and growing points of plants. Alternatively if large plants, the shaker bottle contents can be poured into Dragonfli distribution boxes and hung on plants, the predators will then exit the distribution boxes to move over the plants. Broad Mite Killer predators can also feed on pollen , which allows preventative introduction early in a growing cycle. Broad Mite Killer is active from 6-40.c.

Repeat applications maybe required to miantain populations or if Broad Mite numbers are high when first applied.