Asparagus Beetle Killer Nematodes


Asparagus Beetle [ Crioceris asparagi ] is a serious pest of Asparagus with the larval stages and the adult beetles feeding on and damaging stems and foilage. There are two generations a year. The beetles overwinter as adults finding plant debris to hide in. It is the larval stage , which can be treated with Asparagus Beetle Killer nematodes. The larvae are greyish-black in colour and appear on Asparagus plants in May-June with a second generation in August-September.

Asparagus Beetle Killer contains the nematode; Steinernema carpocapsae, which is the most effective nematode for above ground nematode treatments and has shown to be effective in killing Asparagus beetle larvae, while they are feeding on the foilage of the Asparagus plants. Timing the application of nematodes is important making sure that the larvae are present when applying the nematodes directly onto the infested plants and larvae. 

Asparagus Beetle Killer is supplied as : 1 x 25 Million nematodes to treat up to 35 square metres or 2 x 25 million nematodes to treat up to 70 square metres of Asparagus plants

How to apply

  • Choose a humid or wet day to apply your Asparagus Killer nematodes. Nematodes are UV sensitive and will not survive long exposed to bright, sunny conditions. Apply early morning or early evening for best humidity levels.
  • Open and empty the contents of a 25 million sachet of nematodes into a bucket or container of 2.5 litres of water and mix thoroughly
  • Fill your sprayer with the mixed 2.5 litres of nematode concentrate and add another 5.5 litres of water to give 8 litres of nematode solution
  • Spray the Asparagus plants ensuring plenty of spray solution is applied and directed where possible directly onto the Asparagus beetle larvae
  • For severe infestations , repeat 5 days after first treatment

Asparagus Beetle Killer nematodes are harmless to humans, so are safe to apply to edible plants. Store un-opened packs in a fridge but try to ensure application as soon as possible after receipt for the best results.