Aphiscout Aphid Killer - Parasitic Wasp Mix

Aphiscout is a new mix of five aphid parasites for control of multiple species of aphids. Some aphid parasites do not attack certain species of aphids, by combining five different aphid parasites much greater protection and control can be achieved Aphiscout is supplied in a cardboard cylinder with 250 mummies. This includes;
  • 40% Praon volucre
  • 20% Aphidius colemani
  • 15% Aphidius ervi
  • 15% Aphelinus abdominalis
  • 10% Ephedrus cerasicola

The cylinder container features a nectarpad for the hatched parasites to gain energy from before they start searching for aphids to parasitise and kill. The cylinder also has a double layered label, which can be used to suspend the opened cylinder in the crop or amongst plants. The parasites hatch from the cylinder and start to search for aphids. Use Aphiscout for indoor protection against aphids in greenhouses and protected structures. One unit will treat an area of up to 200 square metres. For heavy infestations of aphids, more than one introduction maybe required. Do not use insecticides after introducing Aphiscout.

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