Aphid Killer - Aphidoletes aphidimyza

  • Aphid Killer uses the gall midge; Aphidoletes aphidimyzafor the biological control of aphid colonies.
  • Aphidoletesadults are attracted to feed on aphid honeydew.
  • Aphid Killer should be used between March and September, unless extra artificial lighting is being used and is best suited for indoor use.

Aphid Killer is only effective when aphid colonies are present, introduce only when aphids/greenfly have been observed on plants. Repeat applications maybe required for heavy infestations of aphids. Aphidoletesadults are attracted to feed on aphid honeydew. The females then lay between 60-250 eggs in amongst the aphid colonies. The eggs quickly hatch into orange coloured larvae, which paralyse the aphids and then suck their body contents out! They also feed on  a wide variety and range of aphid and greenfly species. The blister packs are easy to distribute and can be hung close or next to where the aphid populations are. The tab on the back of the blister pack is opened  to release the emerging gall midge adults. The blister packs protect the pupae whilst the adults hatch. Aphidoletes aphidimyza will feed on all species of aphids.