Amblyseius californicus - Premium Spider Mite Killer Sachets

Number of Sachets

Spider mites are a pest of numerous plants. With a great reproductive capacity they can cause enormous damage in a short space of time. Amblyseius californicus predator mites provide an effective way to control spider mites.

Californicus unlike Andersoni will move along spider mite webbing in search of prey and will live longer than Phytoseiulus without spider mite being present, given they can feed on pollen and other small mites.

Users see fantastic results when using Californicus alongside Phytoseiulus for quick reduction and control of spider mite populations. 

Why Californicus instead of other predators?

Californicus is a better all round predator than both Andersoni and Phytoseiulus for a number of reasons.

  • Active at higher temperatures than Phytoseiulus 15-35 degrees
  • Will hunt for prey on spider mite webs unlike Andersoni
  • Although not preferred Californicus will work at lower levels of humidity (under 70%)
  • Can be introduced when spider mite is not present preventing outbreaks
  • Lasts longer than Phytoseiulus providing greater protection

What conditions does Californicus need?

Temperatures should be between 15-35 degrees and ideally humidity above 60% however lower levels can be endured by Californicus.

How many Californicus sachets do I need?

Based on an average plant 1m in height. We recommend the following application rate;

1-2 sachets per plant

We would always advise using Californicus and Phytoseiulus together (if conditions are suitable) for best results.

How long do the predators last?

Given its ability to scavenge and use alternative food sources Californicus can survive for around 10 days without spider mite being present. When spider mite are present Californicus will reproduce, each new adult will continue hunting for around two weeks, laying between 40-60 eggs to continue their population increase.

How do I apply?

Simply hang sachets on the plant from the convenient hooks provided, there is a hole already in the sachet so they are ready to go straight away. 

Warning; Amblyseius californicus is a non native predator and can only be applied indoors and in glasshouses. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to these restrictions.

Please Note; Amblyseius californicus is a living creature and can be affected by any chemical pesticides used within the previous few weeks. As a guide cease using pyrethrum or SB plant invigorator 2 days prior to use and other persistent chemicals or universal bug killers 1-2 weeks before using predators.