Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes - Steinernema Species

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Dragonfli Leatherjacket killer nematodes provide a natural way to rid your lawn of these horrible pests. Leatherjackets are the larvae of crane flies (daddy long-legs) They cause damage to lawns by feeding on grass roots, turning the lawn patchy and yellow. Secondary damage is produced when animals and birds feed on the larvae, ripping up the turf to reach them.

The timing of applications is vital when using nematodes, this ensures you are targeting the larvae at optimum times to gain control. We have a list of FAQs below to help point you in the right direction. Full and easy to follow application instructions are provided on delivery.

*Please note Nematodes are living creatures and as such are perishable. For best results please order only when you are ready to apply the product.

When Should I apply Nematodes?

For best control we advise using two applications of nematodes each year, once in the spring and once in the summer. You should closely monitor soil temperatures and the presence of the adult crane flies to time these applications.

Spring Applications

We recommend applying nematodes in the spring only when leatherjackets are present in the soil and soil temperatures are above 10 degrees celsius. As a very general rule (with such varying weather in the UK!) this will be between February and April. Use a soil thermometer to gauge this accurately as soil temperatures are different to air temperature!

Summer Applications

We advise a summer application based on the presence of the adult crane flies (daddy long-legs) look to apply your summer treatment approximately 10-14 days after seeing the adult crane flies emerge from soil. This should time applications to be most effective. This treatment is usually between late August and early September.

Severe Infestations

If your lawn has suffered severely from leatherjacket damage and the number of larvae in the soil is high, multiple applications will be needed to gain overall control. Consider applying nematode treatments spread out every 2 weeks in the summer period. You cannot overdose with nematodes and a surplus will not cause damage to your lawn or any other wildlife.

Improving Nematode Effectiveness

To help your Nematode treatment we always advise you to spike and scarify the lawn before application. If there are bare patches and poor grass coverage, spiking the ground is especially important. The lawn also needs to be kept moist for nematodes to penetrate the soil and reach the leatherjackets, continue to keep the lawn moist for around 2 weeks after application.

Can I store Nematodes?

Like good food, our nematodes are always best when ordered fresh! For that reason we advise you place your order only when you are ready to apply. Our nematodes do come in a unique gel formulation which does allow storage at 4 degrees celsius for up to 2 weeks, however as stated above, they are always best fresh.

Are Nematodes safe?

Yes. Nematodes are completely safe for humans and pets!

Repairing Damaged Lawns

To help repair Lawns from damage, try our new Lawn Grub Repair Boost, this natural biostimulant helps roots regrow and aids new grass growth. This will help negate Lawn damage and can be used in combination with nematode treatments. Treatments can begin, as soon as grass begins growing in the spring.


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