House Plant Care Bundle: Fungus Fly Nematodes, Sticky Traps, House Plant Boost & A Free House Plant Mister

Take Advantage Of Our House Plant Care Bundle With Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes, 5 Sticky Traps, House Plant Boost & A Free House Plant Mister

The Dragonfli House Plant Care Bundle combines products that boost the overall health and growth of your house plants whilst also aiding them in battles against pests and diseases. House Plant Boost is an organic liquid fertiliser that improves the strength and resistance of your plants, where our Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes and Mini Tulip Sticky Traps will offer protection by killing common house plant pests. Our House Plant Care Bundle also includes a free House Plant Mister which can be used to apply House Plant Boost, or simply to mist your plants and improve humidity levels. Take advantage of our bundle to protect your valuable house plant collections and benefit from an additional overall discount.

The House Plant Care bundle includes:

What Are Fungus Flies & How Can They Damage House Plants?

The Fungus Fly, also known as the Sciarid Fly, can cause severe damage to many plants including house plants and plants being propagated. These tiny flies will lay eggs in compost or soil, from which larvae develop. The larvae often feed on young plants and seedlings at propagation and are a very common pest in house plants. Damp conditions and organic plant matter will provide an ideal breeding ground for the larvae, which will feed on plant roots causing damping off and seedling collapse. The larvae, at large numbers, can also spread soil-borne diseases such as Pythium. Once the larvae develop into adults they become nuisance pests, forming small clouds of flies when disturbed. 

Apply Natural Fertilisers & Protections Against The Entire Fungus Fly Life Cycle

The House Plant Care Bundle Includes:

House Plant Boost - 100ml concentrate dosing bottle

House Plant Boost is both a natural biostimulant and an organic fertiliser for house plants. Made from plant extracts, it provides the necessary nutrition for house plants and improves overall plant health by bolstering natural defences against pests and diseases. House Plant Boost can be applied either as a drench to the compost the plants are growing in, or as a foliar application to the leaves or foliage. The House Plant Mister/Sprayer included in this bundle is the very tool required for the latter application process.

Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes - 10m2 pack

Fungus Fly Killer contains nematodes that kill Fungus Fly larvae (sometimes known as Sciarids) in the compost of house plants. These nematodes will also kill any Vine Weevil larvae pests that might also be in the compost. The nematodes are easy to use and are simply mixed in water and drenched into the compost. One pack of Fungus Fly Killer 10sqm can treat up to 50 house plants. Unopened packs can be fridge stored for up to 7 days.

Mini Tulip Sticky Traps - Pack of 5 

Our Mini Tulip Sticky Traps can be easily pushed into the compost of plant pots and containers. The traps are perfectly suited to protecting plants growing on window sills, individual plants in pots, and for plants and cuttings at propagation stage. The sticky traps are supplied as a pack of 5 that will attract and catch a wide variety of house plant insect pests including: Adult Fungus FlyThripWhitefly and Aphids.

House Plant Mister/Sprayer 200ml Bottle - x1 (Free of Charge)

As an additional bonus for buyers of the House Plant Care bundle one free 250ml House Plant Mister/Sprayer will supplement the bundle package. The trigger sprayer is ideal for applying House Plant Boost as a foliar spray, or for using as a mister of water applications to house plants which will help maintain optimum humidity levels. 

The House Plant Care Bundle Includes The Perfect Blend Of Biostimulants, Natural Protections & Application Tools For Your House Plants To Prosper 

The House Plant Care Bundle will provide you with all the necessary products to ensure that your house plant collections benefit from healthy and continual growth.

Further information on the above included products can be found by clicking on the product title links and viewing the individual product listing pages. Full application instructions are also provided for each product on delivery.