Thrip Traps & Attractant Lure

Thrip Traps & Attractant lure is supplied as 10 Blue Sticky traps and one thrip attractant lure dispenser.

The attractant lure attracts male and female adult thrips and helps to increase the number of thrips caught on a sticky trap. The lure attracts Western Flower Thrip and Onion thrip species.

One Attractant lure dispenser is enough to cover an area up to 100 square metres. The lure dispenser is hung or placed on the blue stick trap. The alumimium cover is peeled off and the attractant is released through the un-covered membrane on the lure dispenser. For best results hang the trap and lure dispenser about 30 cm above plants.

The Lure dispenser should be replaced every 4-5 weeks.

For biological control of thrips , predatory mites should also be applied to plants. See the full range of Dragonfli thrip control products.