Amblyseius swirskii - Premium Foil Sachets - Thrip Preventative System

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Premium thrip killer sachets contain the predatory mite Amblyseius swirskii. This predatory mite feeds on multiple stages of thrip larvae present on the plant foliage itself.

These swirskii predators come in a unique, high tech foil sachet. We advise using these swirskii sachets as part of our preventative system against various thrip species. Each sachet will release predators for 3-4 weeks giving you protection from outbreaks during this time.

If thrip is present in large numbers already (signs of leaf damage and numerous thrip) we advise switching to our curative system. This consists of loose Amblyseius swirskii and loose Amblyseius cucumeris applied together.

Please ensure you have read the appropriate conditions for using Swirskii before purchase, these can be found below.

Why is Amblyseius swirskii superior to Amblyseius cucumeris?

Our premium predator Amblyseius swirskii outperforms the alternative Amblyseius cucumeris given suitable temperature conditions. The Swirskii predators will kill larger stages of thrip larvae than Cucumeris meaning they eliminate numerous generations of a pest population. Swirskii mites will also consume whitefly eggs giving additional protection.

When Should I use Swirskii Sachets?

We advise applying foil sachets as a preventative system against thrips. This means having an active sachet on plants at all times, from propagation to full growth.

What conditions do Amblyseius swirskii need?

Amblyseius swirskii are active at temperatures over 20 degrees and are tolerant to high temperature environments. This makes them ideal for use in glasshouses, polytunnels and indoor growing environments. Relative humidity should be around 70% (lower levels can cause lower egg hatch rates). DO NOT apply if you have used chemical treatments in the past 2 weeks.

How long do the predators last?

Each sachet lasts around 3-4 weeks and should then be replaced to keep a steady flow of predators on the plant.

How many sachets do I need?

Based on an average plant 1m in height. We recommend the following application rate;

1-2 sachets per plant

How do I apply?

Simply hang sachets on the plant from the convenient hooks provided, there is a hole already in the sachet so they are ready to apply straight away.

Can I store the sachets?

Unfortunately due to the 4 week life cycle you cannot store the sachets for later use.

Chemical Pesticides

Swirskii is a living creature and can be affected by any chemical pesticides used within the previous few weeks. As a guide cease using pyrethrum or SB plant invigorator 2 days prior to use and other persistent chemicals or universal bug killers 1-2 weeks before using Swirskii.

Warning; Amblyseius swirskii is a non native predator and can only be applied indoors and in glasshouses. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to these restrictions.

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