Mighty Mite - Macrocheles robustulus


Mighty Mite predators are for the control of many soil borne pests including sciarid fly (fungnus gnats) and thrip pupae. These hungry mites have also been observed feeding on springtails, woodlice and even the maggots of housefly, Blowfly, Stable fly and even vine weevil larvae.   Mighty Mite contains the predatory mite; Macrocheles robustulus. This predatory mite is a soil dwelling predator and feeds on insect larvae and small insect pests it finds in or on compost or soil.

Professional growers use this predator as a routine treatment to keep young plants free from sciarid fly larvae, which can cause young plants or seedlings to die either by root damage or plant diseases spread by sciarid larvae. Dragonfli offers you this useful biological control weapon as the product Mighty Mite, which contains 5000, 10000 or 50000 predators per bottle. Mighty Mite should especially be considered for use at the propagation of plants.   Mighty Mite is supplied in a bottle of vermiculite, which acts as a carrier to transport the predatory mites and for applying the mites. Rotate the bottle before use and simply sprinkle the mites out evenly over the compost or soil. One bottle of Mighty Mite 5000 can treat up to 20 square metres of surface area. Keep the compost or soil moist (not soaking) after application. Add a thin layer of compost after application to improve the environment for the Mighty Mites.

Mighty Mite need a temperature of 15C to be active. Mighty Mites are not observed on plants after application as they are soil dwelling mites. For catching adult sciarid flies; hang up yellow sticky traps above the compost or soil to catch the adults, which will fly onto the traps when disturbed. The use of Mighty Mite can also be combined with Thrip Killer predators for control of thrip larvae on plants.

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