Taurrus Snake Mite Control

What are Snake Mites?

The Snake mite (Ophionyssus natricis) is a serious pest of snakes and reptiles kept in captivity. The mites are dark red, or black, in colour and can live for several weeks in which time they will lay hundreds of eggs.

Damage and symptoms

Snake Mites can cause suffering, and even death, to snakes and are difficult to control and eradicate once an infestation starts. The mites feed on the hosts blood supply leaving reptiles agitated, anaemic and weak. Early signs of Snake Mite activity include; restlessness, digging behaviour, extra bathing, raised scales and snakes may have low appetites. The Snake Mites cause damage to the snakes eyes by biting them and are often located where skin tissue is soft. 

Control your Snake Mite infestation with Taurrus

Chemical insecticide control is difficult to use as it can have harmful side effects on the snakes and reptiles. The Snake Mites, over time, also become resistant to these treatments. The natural and effective solution to this harmful pest is the use of biological pest control in the form of Taurrus. Taurrus consists of tiny predatory mites (Cheyletus eruditus) that feed on Snake Mites. They are harmless to reptiles and humans, providing a natural solution for Snake Mite control. These predatory mites thrive in warm and humid environments, so their use in terrariums is ideal for them to establish and flourish. Once applied, the predatory mites seek out and consume the Snake Mites. Use our Mite Booster Dispenser Tubes when applying Taurrus if it is difficult to directly apply Taurrus to your reptile. Find our range of relevant products below.