Scale Insect Killer - Rhyzobius lophanthae

Armoured Scale insects do not produce honeydew like Soft scale but are still a serious plant pest for many types of plants, especially those grown in plant collections in greenhouses and conservatories. They especially appear on palm trees and orchids and leaves may often turn yellow where they have been feeding. Biological control of Armoured scale insects can be achieved by introducing the predatory beetle ; Rhyzobius lophanthae .This beetle can be used at slightly lower temperatures and lower humidity than the other predatory beetle; Chilocorus nigritis.Both should only be used indoors and Rhyzobiusrequires a minimum temperature of 18.c and can be introduced from March to September. Rhyzobiusbite a hole in the scale insect. For the best results introduce the beetles in the evening directly to the areas where the Scale insect is present. Repeat introductions may be required, the larvae and adults both feed on Armoured scale insects. Armoured scale species that Rhyzobiusis known to feed on;
  • Boisduval Scale [Diaspis boisduvalii]
  • Oleander Scale [Aspidiotus nerii]
  • Cactus Scale [Diaspis echinocacti]
  • Rose Scale [Aulacaspis rosae]