Wasp Trap With Attractant

  • Attract and trap large numbers of wasps
  • Reusable for numerous seasons
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Chemical free solution
  • Includes attractant

Wasps turn from being beneficial insects in the spring to nuisance ones in the late summer. Their job of nest building is over. At this point they are attracted to drinks, food and sweet substances and become aggressive. This is the time to start catching them to prevent them ruining garden and leisure past times outside. Our wasp traps provide a highly effective mass trap for catching large numbers of wasps. Supplied with natural attractant which draws the wasps into the trap. Our trap and attractant does not attract or catch bees.

Hang the large wasp trap slightly away from eating and sitting areas to draw the wasps to a different area of the garden. Fill the trap up with attractant and replace once this dries out. When the trap is full of wasps and the attractant needs replacing, take the trap and submerge in a large bucket of water. This provides a safe way of re-using the trap without being stung.

  • Large wasp trap includes 1 litre of attractant
  • Small trap includes 125ml of attractant

The large Wasp trap can be re-used for several years and provides an effective, chemical free system for catching large numbers of wasps.

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