Pantry Moth / Indian Meal Moth

What are Pantry Moths?

The Pantry Moth, often known as the Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella), is a common pest of stored foods.

Damage and symptoms

If containers of food, such as flour, cereal, and rice, are left open they can become targets for this moth, which will lay its eggs amongst the stored food. These eggs will hatch into white larvae that will feed on the food material. This quickly makes infested food stuffs inedible.

Control your Pantry Moth infestation with our traps

The larvae can be active for over three months before they start to pupate into the adult moths. This process takes about 20 days. The moths then emerge to mate, and do not feed. This is is the ideal time to catch them with our Pantry Moth Pheromone Trap. Pantry Moths can have up to eight generations a year, so it is good practice to have a viable Pantry Moth Pheromone Trap in place all year round to monitor and catch these moths.