What Are Ants?

Ants are commonly found in most gardens. They are related to bees and wasps and live in large colonies. There are over 30 different species in the UK. They have quite a complex colony mainly consisting of female workers but also a queen and some males.

Ant Damage & Symptoms

Ants are not really a pest, they are more a nuisance in certain situations. Their ant mounds can disfigure a lawn and they can impede some Aphid predators like Ladybirds, as they farm sap from Aphids, and will often remove predators that are trying to feed on the Aphids.

How To Control Ants

There are very few effective controls against ants. Some companies recommend applying nematodes against ants, however tests have shown that this is not an effective control of ants. It is likely that the process of applying nematodes to ant mounds in lawns disturbs them and may cause them to leave the area for a short time but does not kill or control them. For this reason Dragonfli does not supply nematodes for this purpose. Constant manual disturbance of the ant mounds will have a similar effect.