Chicken Mite Control

What Are Poultry Mites?

There are several mites that can attack Poultry and other birds. The most common is the Red Mite (Dermanyssus gallinae), also known as the Chicken Mite or Poultry Mite. Other mites include the Northern Fowl Mite.

Red Mite Damage & Symptoms

These mites are blood parasites, attaching themselves to the birds and feeding on them. Once the mites are full of blood they fall off the bird. The mites will reproduce rapidly in warm weather. The health of birds is weakened and can show itself in several ways including feather loss, lethargy and reduced egg laying.

How To Control Red Mites

The impact of the mites can be reduced by adding the natural product, Anti-Red, to the birds water supply. This weakens the mites and reduces their impact on the birds health. Another available non-toxic and chemical free solution is the use of predatory mites that feed on the Red Mites. Androlis contains predatory mites that feed on the adults and eggs of the Red Mite. They are harmless to the birds and do not even venture onto the birds themselves, instead feeding on the Red Mites once they have fallen off the birds.