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Beepol Villa 2017

The new Beepol Villa 2017 with a grey felt roof. Handmade in the UK to house the Large Beepol Bumblebee colony. Available now!


Beepol Villa 2017 & Large Hive Voucher

The New Beepol Villa 2017 with a gift voucher for a large hive. Available all year round.


Androlis M for Red Mite in poultry & birds

Androlis M predatory mites for biological control of red bird mite/chicken mite on chickens/hens or exotic birds. One bottle treats up to 10 birds.


Urban Insect Hotel

A stylish insect hotel made from recycled plastics and clay. Perfect for urban living.




The new Villa 2017 has a grey, rough felt roof and a wide landing shelf and entrance for the bees. 2016 saw the launch of our colourful Queen Beehives in celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday,.  Both of  our bumblebee houses are hand made in the UK and able to house the large hive of British native bumblebees, Bombus terrestris audax. The Queen Beehives are available in limited colour batches, so grab them while you can!   These bees can be supported with our wide range of bee friendly plants and seeds. Go to Stories & Photos on our Bee page to see what our customers do with their bees!

 When sowing or planting, one of the best ways to help young plants establish is with the addition of beneficial fungi like Mycorrhizal   fungi. The Dragonfli range of Roots Boost pouches are specially formulated to help plants establish in standard or adverse growing  conditions.  Dragonfli supply granular  Mycorrhiza products  for use at planting and soluble versions for watering in at or after planting.

To combat insect pests in the garden , try first to establish habitats that will attract beneficial insects such as Ladybirds and Lacewings.

Dragonfli supplies a wide range of biological control and natural enemies to help combat pests naturally including a wide range of nematodes for the control of garden pests such as Vine weevil, Fungus fly, Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets. Our range of natural pest control is increasing all the time, including a Carrot Root Fly trap and a Vine Weevil trap for adult Vine Weevils launched this year.

Biological control is not restricted to the control of pests on plants, we now also have biological control for red mite on chickens and hens in the form of tiny predatory mites that eat the red mites. A similar predatory mite is also available for the control of snake mite on snakes and lizards. This removes the need for using harmful and ineffective chemical treatments.    

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Chafer Grub nematodes available now

Chafer grubs have started to become visible in the past few weeks.

Our Chafer Killer Nematodes are the most effective form of control for these lawn pests.

Chafer grubs are a soil-dwelling larvae of chafer beetles. They feed on decaying plant material or plant roots.Chafer grubs can be found under loose turf. They have white bodies in a C shape, light brown heads with 3 pairs of legs at the head end and about 18mm long.

Birds and animals that feed on these grubs pull up the turf to search for them.

Available in 3 sizes 20m2, 100m2 and 500m2  for different lawn areas.

The damage left by birds/animals digging for chafer grubs

Red Mite Season

The warmer temperatures are perfect for Red Mite ( Chicken Mite) to increase in numbers.

ANDROLIS is the name of the product for controlling red mite and northern fowl mite on all birds.

It contains predatory mites that feed on red mite. They kill all stages of the parasites from egg to adult.

Red bird mite [ Dermanyssus gallinae ] causes significant stress to infected birds and anemia, which  sometimes leads to death. Birds show signs of nervousness and even cannibalism.

Chickens/ hens  and other birds infected with Red Mite also see a drop in egg laying.

ANDROLIS is easy to use and is 100% safe to the birds, the environment and humans.

Androlis is available in 3 sizes M, L XL