Yellow Sticky Insect Traps 10x25cm

Number of Traps
Dragonfli yellow sticky traps use a unique wetstick glue and vibrant yellow colour to effectively attract and trap flying insect pests. Reduce problem pests in your home or greenhouse with these great value solutions. Effectively attract and trap;
  • Whitefly
  • Winged Aphids
  • Thrip
  • Sciarid fly
  • Leafminer
  • Leaf hopper
  • Plus many more flying insects
Each individual pack contains ten sticky traps, the two outer traps are sticky on one side and the other eight on both. Each pack is supplied with easy to use hanging ties for quick installation. Place traps just above the plant heads for maximum effectiveness. Each trap is 10cm x 24cm providing a large surface area for high capture rates. Traps should be replaced regularly when filled with pests and dust. This is a key part of pest management ensuring fresh traps are out to keep on top of populations.

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