VBB Vincent Pro Bat Box

*Please be aware there will be a lead time on this product as these items are made to order.*

Provide A Safe & Suitable Nest Site For A Variety Of Bat Species

The VBB Vincent Pro Bat Box has a large, proven design fit with dark surfaces and a front elevation that help it to absorb heat.

Comparative trials conducted by the Vincent Wildlife Trust have shown excellent performance and occupancy rates.

The Box is sturdy, durable, and constructed with a recycled plastic chamber top.

Designed With The Help Of Experts & Proven To Aid Bat Conservation

Our new bat box has been tried and tested with the help of the Vincent Wildlife Trust

The Vincent Wildlife Trust has been pioneering mammal conservation for 40 years. It manages 40 priority bat roosts, many of international significance deliver conservation education and monitoring.

The Bat Box was designed by one of the UK’s leading bat researchers: Colin J Morris.

VBB Vincent Pro Bat Box Can Home At Least 7 Different Species

This highly effective bat box has been proven to home at least 7 different species of bat including the: Barbastelle, Leisler’s, Common pipistrelle, Soprano pipistrelle, Brown long-eared, Natterer’s, Whiskered and possibly the Brandt’s species.

The Bat Box caters for this potential variation in species occupancy as it contains three vertical chambers with varying size options and different temperature zones.

Made From Natural Timber & Recycled Plastic

The Bat Box is made from slow-seasoned timber sourced in the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) plantations & recycled plastic. The natural pale wood ensures that the nest box will blend in seamlessly with any garden.

The Bat Box Has An Effective Landing Surface & Self Sufficient Design

The Bat Box has a rough landing surface for returning Bats, and an access ladder to aid their ascent into the home.

The Bat Box also has reduced cleaning requirements as droppings simply fall to the ground.

What Size Is The Bat Box?

The dimensions of the box are: 720 x 180 x 235 mm

What Does The Bat Box Weigh?

The box weighs 6.9kg.