Thrip Killer - Propagation sticks


Protecting plants from thrip attack early in their growing cycle is very important. This is now easier with the introduction of Thrip Killer Propagation sticks. These consist of breeder sachets of thrip predator mites attached to a small stick that can be inserted into propagation modules, pots and seed trays. Each sachet gives a controlled release of predators over a period of several weeks. These predatory mites will feed on any small thrip larvae or eggs that they find.

  • Thrip Killer Propagation contain; Amblyseius cucumeris  predator mites
  • Each sachet on a stick contains several hundred predatory mites
  • Predators released from a small hole in the back of the sachet for several weeks
  • Easy to insert into a variety of propagation modules, pots, trays etc
  • Protects young plants and seedlings from thrips

Once plants are larger, they can be protected with standard larger Thrip Killer sachets. It is good practice to also place out in growing areas yellow or blue sticky traps to catch and monitor adult thrips