Tendamesh Crop Cover

Tendamesh protects young and tender vegetables from insect pests such as allium leafminer, thrips, aphids and flea beetles. Ideal for protecting baby leaf salad, spinach, rocket and lettuce. Each packs contains a 4 x 2 metre crop cover.

Tendamesh will protect against flea beetle, which can be a problem in the seedling and young plant stage. Allium leaf miner adults are active between March-April and October-November, so it is a good idea to protect vulnerable plants at these times with Tendamesh, although do not leave on the crop for more than 8 weeks.

Check there are no pests on the crops before covering and protect all seedlings. Tendamesh should be used in preference to Enviromesh, if small insect pests are the problem. Tendamesh is long lasting and with reasonable care can last up to 5 years.