Solitary Bee Home - Multiple Colours

The Solitary Bee Wall Mounted Nester is a handmade Solitary bee hotel made from FSC timber. Designed with the correct size and lengths of tubes to encourage Solitary bees to nest, using only environmentally sound materials. Solitary bees are super pollinators and give us an abundance of fruit and flowers. By encouraging them into your garden you are protecting the food chain and increasing biodiversity. Solitary bees such as red mason bees and leaf cutter bees are attracted to the Solitary Bee Home, where they lay their eggs in the tubes provided. Other beneficial insects such as Ladybirds and Lacewings may also use this nester as an overwintering site. Mason Bees and Leaf Cutter bees don’t swarm, as they live as solitary bees and are not agressive, this makes solitary bees perfect for schools and gardens. The Solitary Bee home is easy to hang on a wall, fence or tree,ideally facing south- south east. How to Install your Solitary Bee House
  • The house must face anywhere between south and east to get the early morning sun.
  • Mount your bee house against a wall, fence or on a pole in front of a hedge. The height above ground can be anything between 1.5m and 4.5m. ( 5 -15 feet)
  • The front of the house must not be obscured by anything, allowing the bees a direct flight path into the nesting tubes.
  • Make sure the house is fixed securely, not able to rotate or swing in the wind. Do not hang on string from a branch or hook.
A very low- maintainance way to have bees in your garden and will not take up much room. Ideal gift idea!