Silver Y Moth Trap

The Silver-Y Moth trap is a pheromone based trap designed to catch male Silver-Y moths [Autographa gamma]. Once male moths are caught, this provides a good indicator of when the caterpillar stage will follow. The more male moths are caught, the less they can mate with females , which in turn reduces egg laying.

 Silver-Y moth caterpillars can be a damaging pest of many plants. For outdoor crops they represent a serious threat to Peas and Beans. Many glasshouse grown plants can also be infested. Pea pods can be damaged and soiled by the caterpillars . Plants growing points can be damaged reducing growth and leaves can appear ragged with frass appearing on them.

Silver-Y Moth migrates to the UK and normally appears from June. Hang out Silver-Y moth traps from the end of May. 

The Silver-Y moth trap is supplied as a castellation plastic bucket trap with 2 pheromone lures, each lasting about six weeks. Each trap is also supplied with a sticky card insert to help retain moths in the trap, when caught.

The trap can be re-used each year, if new pheromone lures are added. Hang the trap at crop height.