Scale Insect Predator Adults - Chilocorus nigritus

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Biological control of Hard scale insect or Armoured scales with the predatory Ladybird; Chilocorus nigritus. Scale  insect predators; Chilocorus nigritus can be released for natural pest control of Scale insects when temperatures average 22.c and from March to September. The adult Chilocoruschews a hole in the scale insect and kills it for eating. Scale insect predators should be used indoors only and if possible released in the evening. The predators will feed on armoured scales;
  • Oleander scale [ Aspidiotus nerii ]
  • Dictyopsermum scale [Chrysomphalus dictyospermi ]
  • California red scale [ Aonidiella aurantii ]
  • Cactus scale [ Diaspis echinocacti ]
  • Lesser snow scale [Pinnaspis strachani]
  • White Peach scale [Pseudaulacaspis pentagona ]
  • Cyanophyllum scale [ Abgrallaspis cyanophylli ]

  For small to medium sized plants release 3-5 predators per plant and up to 10 for large plants when Scale infestations are heavy. Repeat applications maybe required every 14 days until the Scale insect numbers decline. Chilocorusprefers release in higher humidity. Do not spray pesticides before or during the time Scale Insect predators are being used on plants. Scale insect predators supplied as pack of 10 or 25 adults. Release with windows shut for at least 8 hours.

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