Anti-Red Chicken Mite Control - Water Additive Solution - Combat Red Mites & Protect Poultry


What are Chicken Mites? 

The Red Mite, or Chicken Mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) is a nasty parasite of birds; and particularly of poultry and chickens. The mite feeds on the blood of the birds, which causes stress and anaemia. These symptoms can become so severe that they lead to the death of the bird. Infected birds will also be liable to increased pecking, and in some cases, cannibalism. Chickens can also suffer from a decreased egg yield. Chemical treatments are difficult and largely ineffective as they mostly only target the adult mites.

How can Anti-Red help?

Anti-Red is added to the drinking water of your birds. It's ingredients have been proven to weaken the impact of parasitic mites on the birds. 

Use Anti-Red in combination with Androlis for optimal protection

Anti-Red should be used in combination with Androlis predatory mites for optimal control of the Red Mites and maximum protection for your Poultry and Birds. With the Anti-Red weakening the parasites every time your birds drink, and the Androlis predators consuming the mites as they fall off the birds, you should see a rapid reduction in infestation levels.

How do I apply the Anti-Red?

Add 3ml of Anti-Red per 1 litre of drinking water daily for 7 days.

Proceed to apply the Anti-Red 1 day per week thereafter.

Full instructions are provided on delivery.

Which unit sizes can I buy Anti-Red in?

We currently supply two unit sizes. See them listed below:

- 100ml

- 250ml

What is Anti-Red made up of?

Anti-Red is made from plant-extracts and is entirely non-toxic.

Can I store Anti-Red?

Anti-Red should be stored at room temperature and kept out of direct sunlight. For use by date refer to expiry sticker.