Nemaflo - Nematode Soil Penetrant & Carrier


Nemaflo is a specifically designed carrier to aid the movement of entomopathogenic nematodes into the soil profile to the target pest. This can be used with Chafer Grub Killer, Leatherjacket Killer, Vine Weevil Killer and the Sportnem range of nematodes. We especially recommend the addition of Nemaflo to the nematode spray solution when applying nematodes to turf, as it will aid the passage of the nematodes through the grass and soil to the target grubs.

Nemaflo is added at a rate of 1 mil per litre of water. It is made from a non hazardous material and is is safe to the nematodes and the environment.

Apply Nemaflo in the cool of the day or during rainfall. Do not spray in high temperatures and bright sunlight. Irrigate after application or spray when rainfall is expected, as this will help the Nemaflo and nematodes progress into the area they are required.

250 mil of Nemaflo per 250 litres of water will cover up to 2,500 square metres.